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Cycle Babes fun woman-led workshops March 2023

Cycle Babes free-to-access sessions provide people with hands-on cycle skills, confidence and leadership abilities in a relaxed group setting. We are stoked to have Cycle Babes run their workshops at Tumeke throughout March 2023. Skills covered can include puncture repair, tyre inflation, safety checks, riding confidence, route planning, cycle touring advice, and general tips and tricks. Cycle Babes warmly welcome women and gender diverse people of all ages and backgrounds to their informal and fun sessions.

Cycle Babes is all about learning from your peers, making new friends, recognising each other’s skills and sharing knowledge in a community group setting. So you can gain confidence in your abilities, learning by your own hand through the support of the group.

Workshop sessions will be available for attendee sign-ups late January.

Spaces will be limited! See their Facebook or Eventbrite page for details.