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Loaner bike

Purpose: – to provide an interim bike for someone who is without because they are working on a bike which is otherwise unridable or looking to get a bike.


A TCS  bike can be loaned for up to two weeks where a deposit of $100 is held by TCS, payment via internet banking or credit card, phone screen proof must be shown to a TCS volunteer before loan is allowed.

Deposit is fully refundable on return of undamaged bike which is inspected by a TCS volunteer to be as such.

A TCS bike may be loaned for an additional two weeks, but must be brought into Tumeke during opening hours for inspection by a TCS volunteer and found to be undamaged, and allowing for minor maintenance, before the bike is renewed for up to two additional weeks. Total loan length is four weeks.

Volunteer Categories

The following categories of volunteers are used in some of the policies below.

  • Seasoned: The volunteer has worked for Tumeke for at least 20 hours. Work includes helping folk at the shop, web design, promotion, and anything else the collective has deemed important.
  • Active: The volunteer has worked at least 2 hours during the last 4 weeks.

Volunteer hours spent at the shop are logged on our online roster.  All other volunteer hours can be self-documented. Show us your log, and we’ll believe you.

Trade Accounts

Tumeke has cash wholesale accounts with several NZ vendors of bicycle parts and tools.  Tumeke sells parts purchased from these trade accounts to seasoned and active volunteers at cost (including shipping) and sells them to everyone else at 20% above cost.  Except in rare circumstances, Tumeke does not sell its Park Tool brand tools, because our Park Tool supplier, Marleen Wholesalers Ltd, does not like that.


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