Enter our Spring fund raiser raffle! Prizes prizes!

Hi folks, our annual Spring fund raiser is now on, and it includes a raffle full of nifty prizes kindly donated by the Electric Bicycle Hub Auckland:

– Basil Postman Blossom Pannier (White)
– Basil Mara Pannier (Black)
– Basil Memories Bottle Basket (Green)
– Basil Memories Bottle Basket (Pink)

To enter the raffle, simply make a donation through our Givealittle page before 9 November. Every $10 dollars you donate gets you one chance to win. All proceeds go to supporting Tumeke Cycle Space, your community bicycle workshop 🙂

We’ll announce the winners here around 10 November.


P.S. Our Facebook ad for this event states that we need to move out of our space soon, because the building is being sold.  New word on the street is that is not certain.  Stay tuned.

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