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  1. Hi Guys

    I’m the secretary of the Bike Shed at Ceres Melbourne, Australia. But I also know Doyle. Anyway thought we should have some linkage and after looking at this a better Web site.

    Cheers Craig.

    • Ewen says:

      Hi Craig, thanks for your comment. I’ve just recently started working on collaborating and starting a dialogue with the all the community bike spaces in New Zealand. Point being that to collaborate and to juggle ideas back and forth.

      The other 2 spaces being Crooked Spoke down in Dunedin and The Mechanical Tempest Collective down in Wellington. Still early days but the balls rolling and I’m definitely keen on getting a down under pact going you guys also and hopefully Australasia. Email me directly on and we’ll get a skype session!



      ps: I will email you directly also.

    • Icha says:

      I’m interested in buinyg an electric assist step through li-ion powered bike. In Aust the max power appears to be 200w. Same here? Any advice, recommendations?ThankyouIan Roberts 09 376 0847

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