Happy New Years!

Tumeke is back in action for 2012! And actually we’ve been chugging along nicely over the last few weeks and easing into the full swing of things. Hope everybody had a decent break over the festive season and managed to stretch their bicycle legs over the summer. And the weather of course, which is finally coming in bloom.

Since our inception, we have grown from strength to strength. It’s of course all achieved by the countless hours put in by our volunteers community which forms the basis of what Tumeke is all about. So one of our priorities this year is to have more volunteers to come on board, which means not only can we serve our Auckland cycling community better but also grow bigger as a cycling initiative.  So this is just a general calling for all the people out there that are passionate about cycling and all things 2 wheels!  No pre-requisite or prior knowledge required! Just a open mind and a willingness to learn! So say hello and send us an email to tumekecyclespace@gmail.com and see you then!

Just a quick note, that we will be hosting newbie day on the 26th of Feb 11.00am!

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